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Uitgestoken handen in de lucht met uitgestoken vinger van mensen die een vraag willen stellen.

Our info library contains all sorts of subjects, ranging from 'What is an addiction? and 'Am I addicted?’ to our complaints procedure and exclusion criteria. The info library provides clear information on everything related to addiction, Connection SGGZ rehab centres and treatments.

Connection SGGZ addiction care

What does Connection SGGZ actually stand for, i.e. what is our mission? We regard it as essential that everyone who is addicted deserves a better quality of life. The quality of our care is always at the forefront. It is incorporated in everything we do and is reflected in our treatments, which we tailor to suit our client's needs. All we ask from our clients is a willingness to overcome their addiction with full commitment. Through the combination of our specialist treatments and the motivation of our clients to quit, recovery from addiction is indeed possible. In this way, we work together to turn your life around.

Our information library offers an extensive collection of background information and frequently asked questions. If you're unable to find the information you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us directly at +31 40-303 5023, or you can leave your details online, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Why choose Connection SGGZ addiction care?

  • Our treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer
  • Short waiting list
  • Personalised and specialised treatment
  • Working with recovery mentors
  • Evidence based treatment
  • Custom aftercare programme
  • Excellent family programme
  • Rehab centres in the Netherlands and South Africa

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