Consider an addiction to be a chronic disease with biological, personal and social causes and consequences. Connection SGGZ is specialised in addiction treatment. The type of support we offer depends on various factors. Every person is unique and the severity and duration of their addiction also play a role. We look at the personal circumstances of our clients, tailoring their treatments to their addictions and situations.

What is addiction?

Not everyone who gambles regularly or uses alcohol or drugs is considered an addict. It is only when a person reaches a state that involves physical and/or mental dependence on a substance or behaviour that we define it as an addiction. You have lost control of your use, and it comes at the expense of your normal activities. If this sounds familiar, get help for your addiction as soon as possible by calling our specialised staff: +31 040 303 5023.

Types of addiction

There are two types of addiction: addiction to substances (alcohol and drugs, such as cocaine) and addiction to behaviour (gambling and gaming addiction). Alcohol addiction and drug addiction have been around for centuries; in recent years, new forms of addiction have emerged, such as game addiction and prescription drug addiction. Crack, heroin and tobacco are currently the most addictive drugs. Do you think that you, or a loved one, have become (too) dependent on one of these substances or types of behaviour? Are you looking for help and do you want to recover? Do not hesitate to contact Connection SGGZ for expert guidance and support.

Why choose Connection SGGZ addiction care?

  • Our treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer
  • Short waiting list
  • Personalised and specialised treatment
  • Working with recovery mentors
  • Evidence based treatment
  • Custom aftercare programme
  • Excellent family programme
  • Rehab centres in the Netherlands and South Africa

Do you need help?

Problems caused by addiction

You have been drinking a lot of alcohol for quite some time now, you have been taking drugs regularly for a while or you have been gambling or gaming too much. You can't quit on your own anymore and your problems, such as debts or unemployment, are mounting over time. You can see that the desired effects of the drugs or habit decreases. In addition, you notice that you are using more, or continue to play for longer, than you had planned. A large part of your day is taken up with your addiction needs, and daily activities suffer as a result. Take the first step towards breaking the destructive pattern of your addiction by seeking professional help.

Physical and mental rehabilitation

To help you overcome your addiction, Connection SGGZ looks at both the physical and mental aspects. If your body has to be forced to do without the substances you have become addicted to, withdrawal symptoms might occur. During a detox, your body removes the addictive substances. Basically, you manage to physically abstain from drugs, alcohol or medicines. So why do you remain susceptible to an addiction? It is because you are still mentally addicted. Unfortunately, relapse is quite common after addiction. You have to get your life back on track, but this time without the substance or behaviour you were addicted to. This is difficult, but we are going to help you!

Rehab for an abstinent life

Depending on the degree of addiction, the treatment focuses on how to quit using, your recovery and learning how to prevent a relapse. Dare to take that first step and ask for our help to overcome your addiction. Connection SGGZ has an outpatient rehabilitation clinic located in the centre of Eindhoven. If an intake shows that an inpatient treatment provides the best approach, we offer this option in our specialist rehabilitation clinic in South Africa and in our rehabilitation clinic in Meerlo. Accommodation and treatment are covered by health insurance. Moreover, we do not have long waiting lists.

It takes strength and courage to take the first step – that is one thing we know for sure. Recovering from an addiction is indeed possible. Contact us and start a new life without addiction, taking it one step at a time.

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