Inpatient treatment

Oprijlaan met bomen in bloei, van de afkickkliniek voor opname in Kortenbos.

When a person has developed a serious dependence on substances or behaviour that prevents them from functioning properly in daily life, we recommend our inpatient treatment centres. There may also be a combination of problems that make it hardly or not at all possible to quit if they continue to live at home. In our experience, inpatient treatment often provides the best start in severe cases of dependence or addiction. It gives a person a solid foundation for a sustainable recovery. Afterwards, we will proceed with outpatient treatment. This way, we make sure that all our clients receive appropriate aftercare.

South Africa rehab centre

If our advice is for inpatient treatment, you can apply for admission in South Africa. This intensive recovery programme ensures that you learn to cope with your addiction. A specialised and experienced multidisciplinary team is on hand to accommodate you and help you overcome your addiction. Treatment in South Africa lasts around 7 weeks. 

Meerlo rehab centre (the Netherlands)

You can also opt for our inpatient clinic in Meerlo. This rehab centre resides at an inspiring location, which allows you to fully focus on your treatment. Landgoed Kortenbos, where the clinic is based, is located in the middle of nature in northern Limburg.

Tailor-made treatment

Of course, we make sure that the duration and content of the treatment matches your wishes and needs. The content of the treatment consists exclusively of evidence-based treatment methods and we will also introduce you to the 12-step model.

Why choose Connection SGGZ addiction care?

  • Our treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer
  • Short waiting list
  • Personalised and specialised treatment
  • Working with recovery mentors
  • Evidence based treatment
  • Custom aftercare programme
  • Excellent family programme
  • Rehab centres in the Netherlands and South Africa

I would like advice

“We are also available for questions and advice. Contact us without any obligations.”

Complete programme

Our inpatient treatment and addiction care are reimbursed by all Dutch health insurers. Inpatient treatment includes an appropriate aftercare programme and an excellent family programme.

Are you having doubts?

We are looking forward to answering your questions and we can also tell you more about our options and working methods. We understand that it is difficult to take the first step, admitting that you cannot stop using alcohol or drugs. We know that it actually takes strength and courage to discuss your addiction and take that first step!