Exclusion criteria

Donkere bomen met daarachter een grote wolk waar de zon achter schijnt.

At Connection SGGZ, quality of care is key. In other words, the quality of our treatment for the different types of addiction should always be guaranteed. This means that we do not treat all indications. We also call these contraindications.


  • clients under the age of 18;
  • clients whose psychiatric problems are in the foreground, with symptoms that are unstable, or psychiatric problems that are insufficiently secured in a current treatment programme and/or psychiatric problems that might induce crisis sensitivity (such as psychotic symptoms, suicidality, severe behavioural problems deriving from personality disorders); 
  • clients with severe sexual dysfunctions and/or behaviour, for example paedophilia;
  • clients with intermittent explosive disorder who show or have shown threatening or actual violent behaviour and cannot guarantee that they would not repeat this behaviour again in a confrontational psychotherapeutic environment;
  • clients whose intelligence level makes psychotherapeutic treatment impossible because a low intelligence level has either been diagnosed or has previously required counseling and adjustment.

There are specialist care facilities in the Netherlands for the above indications. We recommend consulting your GP about the possibilities. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us. We can answer your questions and together we will consider whether treatment at Connection SGGZ is possible.

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