Outpatient treatment

Vier personen staan tegenover elkaar, voor een raam, waarvan er twee elkaar een handruk geven.

If you experience a mild form of addiction, our treatment recommendation will most likely be outpatient treatment. It allows you to continue your job and remain at home, while attending our recovery programme on fixed days. This approach only entails a minimal disruption of your daily life. Should you require more intensive treatment, you can enroll for admissioning in our rehabilitation centres in either South Africa or the Netherlands.

Outpatient care clinic in Eindhoven

Outpatient treatment always takes place at our homely location or at our chain partner CACN, which are both situated in the centre of Eindhoven and Utrecht. During treatment, you will be assigned a personal counsellor who matches your personality and needs. The outpatient programme involves individual sessions and can be supplemented with group therapy. These sessions take place at least once a week.


Of course, we make sure that the duration and content of the treatment fit your needs. Please note, however, that our outpatient clinic is not suitable for everyone. To qualify for outpatient treatment, you need to have a good home situation and a certain degree of self-reliance.

Evidence-based treatment method

Outpatient care is reimbursed by your health insurer. The content of the treatment consists exclusively of scientifically proven, effective treatment methods and we will also introduce you to the 12-step model.

Why choose Connection SGGZ addiction care?

  • Our treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer
  • Short waiting list
  • Personalised and specialised treatment
  • Working with recovery mentors
  • Evidence based treatment
  • Custom aftercare programme
  • Excellent family programme
  • Rehab centres in the Netherlands and South Africa

Do you need help?

Are you having doubts?

We look forward to answering your questions and to telling you more about our options and working methods. We understand that it is difficult to take the first step and to admit that you cannot quit. We know that it actually takes strength and courage to discuss your addiction and take that first step!