12-step programme

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Connection SGGZ has been a health care specialist for years. As a certified general mental health care (GGZ) institute with a WTZa licence (Accession of Care providers Act), we offer both inpatient and outpatient care in the Netherlands and South Africa. Our evidence-based treatment consists of: medical and psychotherapeutic care, cognitive behavioural therapy, the community reinforcement approach, sports and meditation, psychoeducation, systemic therapy, spirituality, recovery mentoring, relapse prevention re-integration and the 12-step programme. This model was developed more than 60 years ago at the Hazelden Institute in Minnesota, USA, and originally used by the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

12-step programme origins

The programme is based on the principle that addiction is a chronic disease which damages the body, mind and soul. The steps originally encompass a spiritual perspective. Over the years, the approach has been adapted so that it is also suitable for people who are not religious. Connection SGGZ combines the 12-step Minnesota Model with customised treatment. Our team includes medical specialists, health care workers and professionally trained recovery mentors who know what it is like to battle addiction themselves. 

The power of pairing recovery mentor support with professional guidance

A combination of behavioural therapy and experience is what makes our approach unique and sets us apart from standard AA support: AA is basically a self-support group while Connection SGGZ provides a more comprehensive approach that integrates recovery mentor support with professional health care.

Extending the 12 steps of AA to other addictions

The 12-step programme aims at the recovery of people who are fighting an – often serious – addiction. The 12 steps describe this journey, from the very first moment you acknowledge your addiction, right up to the end of the treatment. Once you are recovered, you can even help others on their road to recovery. Although originally established by the AA, the 12-step programme can also be used to support individuals grappling with other types of addiction.

Why choose Connection SGGZ addiction care?

  • Our treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer
  • Short waiting list
  • Personalised and specialised treatment
  • Working with recovery mentors
  • Evidence based treatment
  • Custom aftercare programme
  • Excellent family programme
  • Rehab centres in the Netherlands and South Africa

Do you need help?

Step 1

Admit that you have a problem. This step revolves around admitting your ‘defeat’ and on acknowledgement: you lost your battle with the addictive substance, and you are not able to quit on your own. 

Step 2

You are willing to accept help and give yourself a chance. 

Step 3

Accept help. Surrender yourself to your conscience, the group conscience or a higher power and learn to listen to this inner voice to redirect your life. 

Step 4

Confidential disclosure. In this step, you take honest stock of your life.

Step 5

You are willing to change and admit the mistakes you made during your addiction. Confide in someone. 

Step 6

Examine your character defects and weaknesses and learn to cope with them in a positive way. 

Step 7

Express that you are willing to work on your behaviour. Face your shortcomings and work on them.

Step 8

Look back on your past: who did you damage with your addiction? Take responsibility for your deeds. 

Step 9

Come clean. Make up with the people you hurt, so you can start a new life. 

Step 10

Self-observation remains a constant factor. Stay alert and start facing yourself, while owning up to your problems. 

Step 11

Inner peace and spiritual growth remain an integral part of your daily life. 

Step 12

Pass the message on to others: help them find their own road to recovery.  

Would you like to know more about how we integrate the 12-step Minnesota Model into our approach? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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